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Rulers, Gauges, and Tattoos

Friday, February 20th, 2009 by

How devoted a knitter are you? How much junk do you have to lug around?

Shop Girl Sophie, who now works at VOGUE KNITTING, is creating her own solutions to her knitting quandaries. Here is her new TATTOO. Six inches, with lines marking each quarter inch. We think needle gauges in her ears would be a good idea, too. Send us your tattoo solutions to simplifying your knit bags…


5 Responses to “Rulers, Gauges, and Tattoos”

  1. yogabud says:

    Sophie !!! Such a clever one you are… (did it hurt more at inch one or inch six?) Pray tell us all about Vogue Knitting!! xxxoo to you angel-face!

  2. kelly says:

    Sophie, you always have the coolest ideas!

    And, thank you so much for coming in and visiting me the other day
    with that very cool mom of yours :) !

  3. tutudori says:

    Cool tatoo!!! What a great idea! I think I should have the directions for the kirchener stitch tatooed on my arm – I can never remember that!!! And i have to attatch a whole – actually two whole – sleeves to a top with the famous kirchener. I’m knitting along on the “Anjou” top from French Girl Knits Book, and I love it! it is coming along great!! Well at least until I ran into this kirchener thing! French Girl is the greatest book!!! Anyway, your tatoo is just so cool! What a great place to work, I’m jealous. I have subscribed for a million years! You’ll have to keep us all up to date on the newest trends!!!

  4. fiberelf says:

    SOPHIE! that tattoo is way coller than i pictured!
    ur hair looks super cut too..did u get a haircut?

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