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Oh where, oh where has my little sheep gone? RUSTLED.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 by

As you know, Tink was raised in the wilds of Texas. She broke wild horses before she could ride a rocking horse. She could wrestle a calf before she could crawl. She rode the lines of bob-wire fence with her coyote-skin vest to scare off thieves. Now, far north of the rough and rugged ranches of Texas on which she was weaned (on jalapeno juice and hot tamales), Tink might be lulled into thinking she had left banditos and rustlers behind in the dusty scrub. But no, It seems that Trouble with a capital T for Texas has followed her like a pesky killer bee from her old stompin’ grounds.

The beloved Yarns in the Farms sheep has been rounded up and rustled. Never a very bright animal, “Sheepy” is a docile old girl with a very low intellect due to a head injury from which most of her brain stuffing leaked out. The caper was capured on the state of the art Yarns in the Farms camera surveillance system, with the rustler in the very act of riding Sheepy away along Route 127 in Beverly Farms.


If you have any information on this cowardly act of sheep rustling, call us.

Reward: 50% OFF all Briggs and Little worsted wool. Even if you don’t know what on Earth I am talking about.

4 Responses to “Oh where, oh where has my little sheep gone? RUSTLED.”

  1. yogabud says:

    hmmm . . . well, now . . . are you ABSOLUTELY sure that sweet ol’ Sheepie didn’t just abscond with that absitively ADORABLE l’il rustler ? Hnnnn?

    Maybe they just went on an adventure together? (Sheepie doesn’t get out of the shop yard much, after all – when she’s ‘off duty’ greetin’ guests to YITF she’s usually too busy winkin’ and flirtin’ with cars goin’ by – I’ve seen her, yup)

  2. Leslie G says:

    Have you checked across the street? That little rustler may like ice cream!!

  3. chathamgrad says:

    Are you accusing that sweet young thing of making off with Sheepy? She sure doesn’t look cowardly!

  4. Slip Slip says:

    SHEEPY COME HOME………Lassie did it. You can too.

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