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Summer knit-along

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 by

Hey everybody! This is Anna here…
Are you ready to embark on some nifty choose-your-own-adventure knitting?
As Yarns-in-the-Farms’ unofficial representative of the networking generation, I am here to bring you (insert drumroll here) the Katie Holmes/Joey Parker/Which Do You Choose knit dress!

It is a breezy, versatile and easily personalized tiered dress my mom (Tink) and I (Anna) are making for the spring/summer, named Which Do You Choose in honor of one of my favorite books as a child, which basically involved making one life-changing decision after another, things like what color toothbrush you’d like to use and your favorite flavor of ice cream of the moment (feel free to laugh at me now). If you are unable to make up your mind, both my mom and I are more than willing to boss you around. Ahem, I mean give you some valuable assistance.

The skirt part will be sort of like Tink’s Twirly Skirt, except with more tiers, and each tier will have a cool lace pattern going on. In my case, it will be a cool simple lace pattern, involving “3-stitch clusters”, which look really pretty, but are a total pain. Mostly because I’ve been spoiled by bobbles.

The dress is started with a provisional cast on, and worked from the bottom-up to make a sleeveless top. We are using this free Knitty pattern as a starting point for this part: Make up Your Mind. This is my first experience with a provisional cast-on, and while it is a little tricky at first, it is really forgiving and it’ll be great to be able to knit the skirt top-down and the top down-up.

Among the first things you have to decide is where you want the waist on your skirt to be, because this informs how many stitches you want to cast on and whether you have any decreasing to do. I like mine to be at the bottom of my natural waist, pretty much the smallest part of my torso, so I don’t have to do any. I also know that my yarn Classic Elite Firefly probably gets longer over time like linen does, so I’m factoring that in and figuring it’ll drop down a little. My mom likes hers to fall from about the top of her hipbones (she may correct me if I’m wrong). Since she is using cotton, which tends to get wider and shorter, not longer, she doesn’t need to take the falling waist issue into account.

Now, if you look at the tank on the model, it falls to about the bottom of the model’s hips. That’s pretty low for a skirt to start so we’re probably going to be doing at least one less band. We are probably going to be choosing 2,3, or 4 patterns for our bands for the bodice. I think I’m going to do two bands and just make the lower one a little longer than the 2 1/2 inches each one is in the pattern. Because I want each band to be even, except for the top part of the bodice, I think I’ll do about three inches for each tier of the whole dress. That’s right, I will have to be doing clusters for three whole inches, but I am sure I’ll survive. I could have done the nice linen stitch and I chose not to. I may actually do that one for the first tier of my skirt, once I’ve increased a whole lot during the knit row of my garter stitch border between tiers. This is the point at which my mom tells me to tell the story in the correct order. Did I mention that there’s a nice three or four row border of garter stitch between tiers of skirt? Well, there are.

This is as far as I’ve gotten. My mom and I will be posting more, with pictures, as we get through the skirt, and we are issuing an open invitation to anybody else who wants to join us. We’d love to hear from you!

Your internally disorderly friend Anna.

Here is Tink’s dress, so far.

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