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Maira Kalman, the Great Depression, old sock yarn, and intarsia

Sunday, November 20th, 2011 by

Anna’s maternal grandparents were raised in the south during the Great Depression. The apple never falling far from the family tree,  Anna has saved all of her old leftover sock yarn for years and years and years.  And years.

One day, Anna discovers Maura Kalman‘s embroidered story panels at the Jewish Museum in New York City.  She can barely contain her excitement.  Apparently, neither can Maira, as she stitched into this panel. Isn’t it marvelous? And exciting?

Not having any embroidery floss on hand, Anna decides to use her old sock yarn to tell her story.  Being a poor grad student, with a chilly apartment, Anna uses her old sock yarn to make a crazy intarsia blanket. It is zany and beautiful.  Just like Anna.  Just like Maira.


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  1. yogabud says:

    soo very beatiful, nice blanket, too !

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